Obtain an Android Device: You must have or purchase an Android device for this software to run.  This software is designed for an Android tablet.  7 inch tablets can be purchased for less than $50 and 10 inch tablets (recommended) can be purchased for less than $80.

Optional – Obtain a case or stand for the tablet.  Some tablets come with the case included.  Since you would like the tablet “on display” it is helpful to have a case that will allow the tablet to stand on its own and be easily visible.  Be sure to get one designed for the model you have or have purchased.

Locate the tablet near an electrical outlet.  Since this will function as a full-time clock, it needs to be on all the time.  This requires that the tablet be plugged in at all times.

Change the “Settings” – “Display” – “Sleep” to “Never”.  Tablets come with this configured to turn off the display after a minute or two to conserve the battery.  Since this is a full-time clock, the display should always be on.

Download and install MemClock from the Google Play Store

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