My name is Dan Gillingham and I am the owner of Life’s Simple Solutions, LLC.

My mother has the Alzheimer’s form of Dementia and I have been searching for ways to improve her life.

She would fall asleep watching TV and when she woke up, she would think it was morning and she would eat breakfast and take her pills again.

She gets confused about what she needs to do and when.  We have help for her but not full time.

I have been trying to do everything I can to improve her quality of life and to maintain her independence with just the right amount of care.

I designed MemClock to help her with that independence.  She now relies on it to let her know what time it is and what she should be doing.

I can review the log of when she presses “Done” to see if the actions are happening and if they are done on time.

This helps me add just the right amount of care for her without taking away her independence and dignity.

MemClock has been a life-changer for my mother!